Where To Find The Best FREE Sewing Patterns Online?

It’s not a secret that sewing patterns are among the most important parts of the sewing process. This is where you get the idea for sewing from. Or, if you already have the idea in your head, patterns are schemes that make sewing easier and faster. So, they are necessary.

Now, you can buy them. But you’ll need a lot of cash to get the pattern for each and one of your clothes parts so why not find them for free?

This is the era of the internet. Our lives are much easier because of that. That’s why the internet can be your best option for finding free sewing patterns. Sure there are other ways as well and we’ll talk about them.

Knowing that there are literally thousands of places for finding free sewing patterns, there is a chance you’ll spend more time looking for them than actually sewing and selling your sewing products.

To shorten your investigation and searching we’ve listed you places where you can find absolutely everything you need.

The Internet

All you need, and all you don’t need you can find online. This is great, especially if you work from home and don’t want to waste time moving around the town looking for the stuff you need. You can buy sewing machines this way, sewing kits and everything else. The same is with sewing patterns. 

Why leaving the comfort of your home when you can sit back in your chair and search?

Now, you’re not going to search everywhere. There are places online where you can be sure you’ll find free sewing patterns in downloadable PDFs. You can search in sewing websites, online sewing magazines, and even online shops.

Sewing websites

Sewing blogs are great. Not only because they teach you a lot about how to sew, what to sew, what’s popular these days and why sewing is so great, but also because they offer a lot of free help and therefore free sewing patterns. Most of these patterns are in PDF, easy to download and save.

  • Life Sew Savory

A great place to find free patterns for sewing! This site offers simple and easy-to-do patterns which are great for rookies. Every pattern here is available with instructions (step by step), even video instructions. They are so well explained, that they’ll surely encourage you even more to continue sewing.

  • Pinterest Boards

Here, everything is organized in boards. You have a free sewing pattern board and sewing pattern board (here you have to pay for patterns). However, you can freely limit yourself to over 2,000 free ones that you won’t need to pay for any additional. You can find patterns for every piece of wardrobe and trust us, you won’t need more!

  • Thinkliz

What makes this site great are not only free sewing patterns but also many useful information and tips about sewing. You can find many great and creative ideas and advice about things sewn without patterns!

  • All Free Sewing

A variety of sewing material available for free! You can find great sewing videos here, tips, tutorials, and free eBooks and of course many free sewing patterns. What we found especially interesting are free patterns for purses!

  • Craftsy

Craftsy is another great site to look in. They offer free sewing patterns staggered in three levels: beginner, intermediate and advance. This place also has a store if you are interested in buying something.

  • Mood Sewciety

This is the place where you can find hundreds of free sewing patterns adequate for different skill levels. Most interesting to us are definitely quilting and patching patterns and Christmas patterns. Of course, you can find patterns for numerous other things. Make sure to visit this website.

Sewing online magazines

This is one more interesting place to look for free sewing patterns. And, you can get some other useful information about sewing.

  • Simply Sewing

A great place to find out how to use your old wardrobe for a better purpose! You can find all sorts of patterns here – from stuffed toys to retro clothes. Can’t go wrong with this place! What makes it special is that you can find the patterns for embroidery and quilting as well.

  • Love Sewing

Greatly organized place to find exactly what you’re looking for! You have a box with available free sewing patterns, all of which are downloadable. You’ll find patterns for bags and accessories, men, women, and kids, also free pattern links. A really splendid place to learn and improve!

  • Burda

We can’t forget this magazine that was among the first sewing magazines ever. I remember that even my granny had each issue of this magazine while it still had only a printed version. Now it’s available online as well so don’t miss the chance to take a peek into its sewing patterns available for free!

Online shops

Although you’d not expect to find anything for free in a shop, there are some online selling places that offer free sewing patterns. Compared to blogs and magazines there won’t be such a big choice but you can still find interesting things!

  • Free Sewing Patterns

A great place to download beautiful free sewing patterns! You have all listed and divided into categories. So if you are top a new top or maybe some perfect modern shirt visit Free Sewing Patterns. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that you can find almost everything here. If you think it’s not enough you can always buy some for a decent price.

  • Hobby Craft

If you once in a while lose concentration and ran out of ideas, Hobby Craft can solve your misery. There are a bunch of free sewing patterns to keep you stitching! You can sew for everyone and every occasion. Sew for kids or adults, even dolls if you like it! They even offer a great free pattern for a seat pad. You can get to work straight away and start changing your home for free!

Other places

The easiest way to find free sewing patterns is definitely online. But, if you are still a fan of a word written on a piece of paper, we suggest you buy some sewing magazine that’s printed. Most of these magazines have their online editions (we talked about that) but some sewing masters still enjoy looking at the patterns made on paper, not as PDF. If you are of that kind we recommend Burda as one of the oldest and best sewing magazines ever!

Sewing is great, funny, interesting, creative but impossible without sewing patterns. Since most of you who start home sewing business can’t afford to buy a pattern for each project you can be worried. But let us tell you there’s no reason for that. There are so many sewing patterns available in free PDFs that you’ll sew without stopping. All you need is to open our page and find places with free sewing patterns and pick out the one you want. The rest is up to you!

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