Learning how to sew can be a lot of fun but if you’re not well informed it can be traumatic. If you have someone to help you personally – great, but if you don’t there are places you can look for everything you want and need to know.

I know that things can get scary when you see how many new things you have to get to know too. It seems impossible to understand like it’s a science or so, but here are best 15 sewing blogs with whose help you can learn how to sew even if you don’t have the slightest clue how that looks like!

The Fold Line

Kate and Rachel are two ordinary girls from London. They’ve been working together and decided to help people that are just starting sewing. With them, you’ll catch up with all the latest sewing news learning at the same time basics about sewing. They help you not only learn but also exchange ideas and find inspiration. This is an easy-to navigate-place that brings all the information together!


Collete is a group of creative people passionate about sewing. Despite it’s a group of people, they function as one bringing you patterns you could only dream off. All that is thoroughly explained through precise diagrams and instructions. It’s exactly what makes this great sewing blog for beginners. A wide range of styles will help you make a perfect wardrobe.

Made By Rae

Rae used to be a physics teacher but she discovers her other love-sewing. She has a sewing studio. There she sometimes hosts sewing workshops and classes. Rae also educates people all over the country how to sew and make their own clothes. She offers all her patterns well-explained in PDF files, with pictures, instructions, and great illustrations.

Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly shares her inspiration and sewing tips to all the people in love with sewing. If you really want to learn how to sew, from the beginning, step by step, you can read her books. There you’ll find many beautiful sewing patterns. If you want you can also attend Tilly’s online workshops.


Deborah was a schoolteacher who became an archeologist and eventually turned to sewing. Who to trust better than a mum of four kids? Sewing is her passion and on her blog, she shares a series of sewing patterns developed by her. You’ll find many tutorials that will help you develop your sewing techniques. You’ll find sewing blog tutorials that will help you develop your sewing techniques. If nothing else, with Deborah’s help you’ll bring joy and happiness into your home with nothing else but sewing.

Sew Over It

Lisa had one goal-teaching people how to sew! She started sewing when she was only eleven, studied at the London College of Fashion and worked for different designers. She published three books about sewing, all of which are tended to help sewing beginners. Lisa helped people create their own patterns and sew them. She also writes columns for Sew Magazine, Prima and Simply Sewing.

American Sewing Guild

One of the best sewing blogs. Ramona gives a detailed description of everything she does. You’ll see that even on a coffee break you can get a sewing idea that you can turn into reality. She is fond of quilting so she represents different quilting techniques on the site and in videos. Everything she does is also covered in pictures. Embroidery has never looked as easy as with Ramona’s tutorial!

On the Cutting Floor

If you are out there searching for the best fashion sewing blog you came to the right place. The person hiding behind this name is Daniela. She’s a former ESL teacher and a volunteer firefighter who adores sewing. Her dad was a tailor so there’s no surprise she turned to sewing. She gives practical advice with only one goal to help you love sewing the way she does. Lots of tips for modern and casual clothes for both men and women.


Their motto is sewing for curves. Created by plus size seamstress, the blog is devoted to making clothes that make you feel not only comfortable but also full of self-confidence. Jenny creates her own patterns for stylish and comfortable clothes. She explains how to make modern and elegant sewing patterns and how to sew them.

Sew Sensational

Louise is creative and loves writing. That’s how she got the idea to start this sewing blog for beginners. She shares her talent in more than an interesting way. Louise also offers all the explanations about sewing, crafting, cutting and sticking in a simple language that’s pretty important for a beginner. Besides, this is a completely different page from all the others you bumped into!


This is a sewing community that gathers outstanding bloggers, designers, and seamstress that bring you sewing news on a daily basis. Everything you need in order to learn how to sew is explained in pictures and words. This is the perfect place to learn how to make sensational handmade things.

Diary of a Chain Stitcher

Fiona is a Costume Supervisor and Buyer. You can track her sewing progress and learn with her. The fact she sews because she enjoys it makes everything relaxed and enjoyable. You’ll get help about fabrics and learn new sewing techniques. Besides missing some of her fingers and toes (she was born without them) she sews! I can’t imagine a better tailwind!

Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing

After a ten-year blog experience, Gertie started a new blog for sewing projects for beginners, continuing to share her big smile and giant experience. Gertie found a way to inspire and encourage people to start sewing-through her life and her own experiences. Her Fashion Sketchbook along with great patterns really inspires. It’s clear anyone can learn to sew with her.

What Katie Sews

Katie is a digital product manager with a great passion for sewing. She sews everyday wardrobe with the intention to show everyone how easy you can do this at home. Through her own experiences, Katie teaches that making simple, cozy homemade clothes can be very simple and very fun if you only have a strong will!

The Sewing Loft

Heather’s inspiration was her mother who, with the growth of family members often refashioned old clothes into new outfits. She obtained a degree in Pattern Making and Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology. Long-lasting experience in making kid’s and women’s clothes has shown her the importance of handmade products and therefore she decided to help people to overcome sewing basics and learn how to sew. All of the designs offered are made with the core values passed down from Heather’s family to families of all of you! One of the best DIY blogs ever!

Numerous are the blogs that teach beginners how to sew, make sewing beginner projects, and their own sewing patterns and similar. These here are just some of the best sewing blogs for the year 2019 where you’ll find absolutely everything you need. We chose them for you to help you speed up and start sewing right away! Good luck people!

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