The present Terms of Use page presents all the guidelines for using the website. The website administrators strongly recommend to every user to read and take notice of these Terms of Use. In this document, we will be using ‘Sewing Machines Expert’, ‘We’, ‘Us’ and ‘Our’ to refer to the people who manage, supervise and upload various content on the website.

All the information included in these Terms of Use is meant to provide an improved user experience on the website. Moreover, we aim to inform our users about the limits of what they can do with the content available here. Please note that part or all the content found in the present Terms of Use page can be changed by us at any moment. For this, we don’t need to offer any prior notification to our users. That’s why we advise everybody to come back and read this page as often as possible, to stay up-to-date.

User Behavior

Our readers are invited to engage in various conversations on the website. However, for a civilized interaction, we need to impose some rules. As such, we do not allow our users to leave comments that contain any kind of hate speech, vulgar language, or offensive materials. Moreover, we strictly forbid the use of promotional, racist, pornographic, or violent materials.

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As a reader of this website, it is your responsibility to contact the administrators whenever you notice a user performing illegal or suspicious activities.

Liability Limitations

The content we publish here on is meant for review purposes. Our goal is to research all our content very well, to provide our readers with objective reviews. Please be aware that if any user incurs any damage on themselves following the way they handled the information presented here, we are not to be held accountable for that.

As much as possible, we try to offer extra links to external sources, to improve the quality of the information presented here. However, please be advised that the information presented in the sources we link is not’s responsibility. We try to update the links as often as we can, and we will inform the users of any changes whenever necessary.

Whenever you access an external link found in our reviews, you will be taken to a different website. The present Terms of Use do not apply to that website as well, but only to the Sewing Machines Expert. For the other website, you will need to check out their own Terms of Use and be aware of that when you’re accessing it.

Copyright Guidelines

All the content presented on the belongs to the Sewing Machines Expert team of authors. Plus, it falls under the protection of the international copyright laws. In the case that we will feature content that comes from an external source, rest assured that we will make this clear and visible on the page.

Our users are not allowed to share, quote, or reference our content without a prior written consent taken from the team. However, the content is created for personal use, so you can read, comment or save it for later.

Please be aware that our readers should not profit from the content provided by us. This is valid regardless of who benefits from it or the amount of content used.

In the case that you have obtained a written permission from the team to reuse or reference the content published here, you still need to specify clearly and visibly the original source, namely the Sewing Machines Expert website. We also reserve the right to deny user permissions for reusing or referencing the content. Moreover, we can do so without the need for a justification to our readers.

Affiliate Programs Disclaimer

We would like to inform our users that we participate in affiliate programs with various online sellers. This translates to the fact that we offer affiliate links in our reviews, links that promote the products we review. However, all the opinions expressed in the reviews are our own. The reviews are never going to be influenced by the affiliate program. At the same time, what we communicate in the review will not affect the price of the products there either. What you do need to know is the fact that our team receives a commission whenever a user buys a product by using the link included in the reviews.

Even though we try our best to offer our readers only accurate information, we cannot be responsible for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies made by the user who purchases a certain product. This is not the responsibility of the product’s producer, affiliated agents, or distributors either.

Anybody who reads and uses the content available on this website agrees that the Sewing Machines Expert team, together with its advertisers, are not responsible for any failure when it comes to the use of the information about the products features in the reviews.