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Portable Sewing Amado Mini Sewing Professional Sewing Handheld Review

Here is a detailed review of the portable sewing Amado mini sewing professional sewing handheld machine. We’ll give you the basic specs, talk about the stitches, plus list a few pros and cons for the machine. Finally, you can read what other users think about the portable sewing Amado mini sewing professional sewing handheld product.

About the Amado Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

Specifications and Description

  • Stitches: number of stitches, mention how many are basic, decorative, utility, etc.
  • Product size: 8.3 x 8.6 x 5.1 inches/21 x 22 x 13 centimeters
  • Product weight: 2.4 pounds/1.1 kilograms
  • Warranty: Six-month limited warranty
  • Accessory package:
    • One standard needle
    • One needle threader
    • One foot pedal
    • AC adapter
    • Four metal bobbins
    • Extra thread

The Amado handheld sewing machine is equipped with a pedal and a button, especially useful for beginners. Beginners like to use the manual pedal. Experts will find the ability to pinpoint their control by using the on/off switch conveniently located on the top right of the machine.

This feature allows experienced sewers to automatically work the machine for jobs when they are holding the machine in their hand. You can also mechanically change the speed of the machine using this automatic control option.

Even beginners will eventually find this feature useful when they want to learn to sew at more flexible speeds. This mini sewing machine can handle most fabric types and thickness. While it is not sturdy enough to sew through extremely thick materials, it can handle most normal sewing jobs.

There is a two-line stitching feature that makes it easy to reverse direction. This feature is very helpful when trying to sew things like draperies that are still hanging over the window. Many of the options included on this machine are reserved for full-size, far more expensive sewing machines.

It is a remarkably strong little machine that while it may not take the place of your large tabletop model, it will come in handy for a number of odd sewing projects. You may find you’re completing many jobs using your Amado machine, taking the load off your bigger units.


This machine only has a handful of standard stitch patterns. However, the automatic on-off switch adds some degree of flexibility to your options. Most of the projects that this sewing machine is best suited for will all use a standard stitch pattern. The situations where you find you can’t get the right stitch from your Amado machine will be rare.

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Pros and Cons

There are some advantages of a mini sewing machine. Of course, one is the ability to easily carry it anywhere you go. Here are a few more pros and cons for the Amado Mini Portable Sewing Machine.

The portable sewing Amado mini sewing professional sewing handheld is lightweight and easy to transport. It’s priced reasonable enough to make it a great backup machine.
Since it is a handheld sewing machine, there are a few types of sewing jobs that it is actually more suited for than a full-size machine.
This is an excellent machine for beginners and young sewers who are learning how to sew for the first time.
Many times you need to sew something on-the-spot without a source of electricity. The Amado Mini Portable also operates on battery power for these types of sewing jobs.
While this is a conveniently portable sewing machine, the portable sewing Amado mini sewing professional sewing handheld sewing machine is not durable enough to handle large projects.
This is a great machine for simple projects and is best used for light, occasional sewing needs.
There are no batteries supplied with the machine.

Opinions about the Amado Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

Users found the ability to make spot repairs without taking down things such as draperies or table linens extremely convenient. Most of the time these fabrics aren’t very thick, and the Amado Mini Handheld was easily up to the task. Some compared this mini sewing machine to be similar to what a laptop computer is to a full-size desktop system.

Experts loved the ability to manually adjust the speed and control the on/off button without using the foot pedal. Even beginners learned how to incorporate this feature into their sewing. It helped them to learn different techniques for skills that might otherwise take years to master.

A small percentage of owners disliked the durability. They found the projects where they could use their Amado Mini Handheld sewing machine to be rather limited. While it worked well on simple sewing jobs, it didn’t seem to have sufficient power to handle difficult projects.

How to Thread the Amado Mini Handheld Sewing Machine

When you open the box, you’ll find your Amado Mini Handheld Sewing Machine pre-threaded and ready to go. Since you can easily pick the machine up to re-thread it or to change the thread color, future threading of your machine will not be difficult.


Finally, owning a mini sewing machine has its advantages. The Amado Mini handheld sewing machine is a great second machine or one you can easily carry with you. If you’ve used the portable sewing Amado mini sewing professional sewing handheld machine, tell us what you think. In addition, if you think of any points we missed here, let us hear about those as well.

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