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Janome HD1000 Review 2018

If you only sew basic projects that don’t involve elaborate stitch patterns, you may want a reliable, yet simple sewing machine. The Janome HD1000 is made for these types of simple sewing jobs but is both sturdy and reliable. There are enough extra features, plus a nice set of accessories that come standard.

For anyone looking for a dependable sewing machine without all the fancy extras, this is a great option. Here is a review of the Janome model HD1000. There is a list of accessories and features, plus some advantages and disadvantages you might consider. The review ends with some opinions from other owners.

About the Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

Specifications and Description

  • Stitches: 14 built-in stitch patterns with a 4-step buttonholer
  • Product size: 15.6 x 6.3 x 12.4 inches (39.6 x 16 x 31.5 centimeters)
  • Product weight: 20 pounds (9 kilograms)
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty on the aluminum chassis and a 2-year warranty electrical components and accessories.

While this sewing machine has only 14 basic stitch patterns, the flexibility in stitch length and width allow you to be creative with these options. This is an extremely sturdy machine. The chassis and body of this machine are both made using cast aluminum.

The machine doesn’t vibrate excessively like machines with a metal frame, but plastic components. There are various features below, which add to the appeal of this durable sewing machine.

Standard Accessories & Features

  • The body on the Janome HD1000 is made from industrial grade cast aluminum. It is sturdy and solid, while at the same time lighter than machines of a similar size.
  • There aren’t any plastic parts on the outer frame either. The outer body of the machine is also durable aluminum as well.
  • There is a standard free arm for sewing shirt collars, pant legs, or cuffs.
  • If you want to darn or attach buttons, there is drop feed. This can be used for other applications such as stippling.
  • You won’t have to struggle with threading a needle since this machine does it for you automatically.
  • There are two fitted screwdrivers to make adjustments and perform basic maintenance.
  • This machine has a dust cover and hard case cover as part of the accessory package.
  • The accessory package also includes extra bobbins a full set of needles.
  • You can choose the conventional white outside case, or select the black edition. Both machines come with the same list of features and accessories.
  • Model HD1000 comes with four interchangeable presser feet.
  • There is also an extra high presser foot lifter to allow for multiple layers and thicker fabrics.
  • The dial for stitch selection dial is conveniently located on top front of the machine, along with the manual thread tension control.
  • There is an automatic clutch for the bobbin, with a frontloading vertical hook bobbin.


There are 14 built-in stitch patterns standard on this is a straight stitch machine. The buttonholer is a 4-step. There is also an adjustable stitch width, which will allow you to be creative with the limited stitches. You can use both width and length adjustment to get creative with your stitching. There is also a zigzag wide width option.

The sturdy case is a very important feature of this machine. It is stable and sturdy and built to last
There is a dual needle mechanism that allows you to quickly double stitch problems. This feature is very useful for heavier fabrics such as leather
This machine has excellent bobbin flow. The bobbin feed is smooth and will rarely tangle like some machines do
The drop feed uses a 3-piece feed dog allowing you free motion sewing capability
There is both an adjustable stitch length and width. This helps to offset the limited number of stitch patterns somewhat
The front-loading, oscillating vertical bobbin helps speed up sewing efficiency
The adjustment dial location is very well-placed. You will be able to alter your stitch width and length without interrupting your sewing
This is an excellent machine for sewing fine fabrics and delicate materials
The limited number of stitch patterns available can reduce the variety of projects you can successfully complete using this machine
With on 14 built-in stitches and limited accessories, the price is a little more than comparable machines with the same extra features
There isn’t a convenient handle to transport the machine
This machine only has a standard medium speed option. While it is powerful and relatively fast, the sewing speed cannot be set at a maximum level like more expensive machines

Opinions About The Janome HD1000 Sewing Machine

Most felt the machine offered enough features to warrant the slightly higher price. This general consensus was based in part on the reliability of operation and excellent customer service. While many found the limited number of stitch patterns somewhat restrictive, invariably durability and performance overrode the lack of diversity of stitches.

This reviewed as a perfect machine for people who relied heavily on standard stitches. If you do not need a diverse number of patterns, the machine is fast and efficient for basic sewing jobs.

All the reviews mentioned the sturdy all-aluminum construction as impressive. The 1.0 amp motor provided dependable power in even the toughest sewing situations. This allowed users to complete projects on various thicknesses of material and number of layers.

Nearly every negative reference about the Janome HD1000 sewing machine focused on a somewhat higher price. There weren’t many comments reflective of problems or malfunctions. Some seemed frustrated with the lack of stitch diversity, but that disappointment was invariably countered by the speed and efficiency of this sewing machine.

How to Thread the Janome HD1000

For those who already have the Janome HD1000 or plan on buying one, threading may be a problem, especially for beginners. That’s why we included here a short clip explaining how to thread the Janome HD1000:


The Janome HD1000 is a basic machine without a bunch of extra frills. It is dependable and fast. For sewers who rely on basic stitch patterns, this is a reliable sewing machine. If you’ve used the HD1000 model, let us know about your experience. In addition, if there are any points missing from this review, let us hear about those as well.

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