Brilliant Ways To Market Your Home Sewing Business

So, how to market your home sewing business even if you know nothing about marketing?

Many people I know thought it was impossible to start sewing business without a lot of money and people hired to do the marketing part!

Well, guys, you’re not opening a huge international company! Sewing is your priority and marketing is not so spooky. Sure you have to invest some time in it but you don’t have to invest God knows how much money to get what you need. The most important thing is the balance between the two.

With the right knowledge and the right approach you’ll get anywhere, you want to be. Following the next couple of steps, you may become a master in marketing without even being aware!

What’s crucial in marketing? To make a plan! The plan will help you spend more time sewing things you want to sell, not peeking around the corner to find the people who’ll buy them!


I always put this as the first marketing category. Why? Because you sew for people and people are those that’ll buy your goods.

The most important thing when starting your sewing business is who your customers are going to be. For whom you are sewing? If you decide to sew dresses it’s obvious that you’ll have mostly women buying them. A man here and there maybe, but the target customers are feminine – little girls, teenage girls or adult women. And you’ll direct your marketing toward them. Now, the strategy can differ depending on what type of dresses you are going to sew, maybe just evening dresses or just every-day ones. Just remember, you’re sewing for people and that needs to be your priority!


This is the next important part of your sewing marketing strategy. When you made a decision about what you are going to sew you (in a way) determined your audience. So, you probably wonder about the product I should do now. You’ll need to develop a thorough and detailed description of your products. Why? Because you need to post on them (if you plan to sell) and talk about them with your possible customers.

Different customers will want different things and you need to be prepared for all types of questions about your products. One girl will want a sparkling evening dress and the other one will only be interested in the price.

This plan serves mostly you. No one will see it or read it so it’s not important the way it looks like just as long you understand it!

Selling place

As the name says, this is not a place where you’ll put commercial and adds about your products. This is the place where you’re going to sell your goods.

There are many ways to sell your sewing products. I mean many. What you need to do is to make a list of all the possibilities. For example, you can sell it in a local shop. But why stopping there when there are like a dozen ways to show your sewing masterpieces to a wider audience and sell online. You can do it through Facebook or make your own webpage.

Think about all the ways you can attract more customers and how they can access your products. It is important that future customers can get in touch with you easily to get all the information they need.

But if you are sewing for local buyers, business cards or flyers will do the work. Remember, they also need to have a phone number at least, so people could get in touch with you!

Online presence


Internet selling is one of the best possibilities you can use! Websites are something that’s very necessary nowadays. People should hear about you. You can, first of all, present yourself (which is great because you’ll leave a personal touch on your target customers). Next, you can present your skills, knowledge, and work. This is a great way to connect with people especially if you show you’re willing to chitchat with them (by reacting to comments efficiently). There is a chance you’ll need some help with this (from a professional) because making and organizing a site takes time and knowledge. There are people who can make you a website. It’s up to you to add pictures, ads, and texts about you and your work.


Another possibility, definitely very popular today, is selling through Facebook. Forming a Facebook group for sewing fans is a great idea. You can use this to present what you’re doing and discuss other people. Not only this is a great way to sell your sewing goods but also a great way to see what people want and need. Who knows how many new ideas you can get from this! You can talk about sewing machines, different materials, and popular models of the wardrobe and so on.  And above all, it’s free!

Facebook ads are also a great thing. They target a certain group of people with the same interests. The only trouble is that you have to know what you’re doing here. If you are not familiar completely with how things work here, you should either ask for help or stick to the group which functions much easier!


Instagram is not all about posting photos and videos randomly. You can use it as a great way to commercialize and sell your sewing products. Make your portfolio and start connecting with people. Instagram is all about “#” (hashtags). Create your own hashtag that’s unique. Present pictures with prices and (besides the first hashtag to which you’ll always go back to) interesting hashtags that can attract people.


Probably the greatest way for commercializing and selling your sewing stuff is a YouTube channel. If you love the camera and making videos, why not starting making money out of it? Make videos about everything you do. You can also make videos with fashion comments, something related to celebrities’ fashion. You can talk about absolutely anything related to sewing and fashion. Today, if you don’t have your own YouTube channel, you can’t be No.1! Once you have a decent number of subscribers, you can pitch your offers.


You can organize sewing workshops locally or online. If you are a bit scared of the online workshops, start from local ones. Organize them at your home or at a local school, anywhere appropriate. This way you’ll get close with people, teach them how to sew and try to gain them as your future customers.

If you want, you can then run workshops online. But, for this make your website first. This way the people will get to know you and your work first and be more willing to join your workshop and learn from you. Eventually, they’ll decide to buy your products.


When you have generally developed your sewing business marketing plan (or at least most of it) you’ll have to think about the price of your products. Never ever start selling or advertising your sewing products, before you have determined the price of each and one of them! Remember! 

If someone sees your add or gets thrilled with your website or a workshop they will want to order. Imagine that you appear without a price for that product. What a shame it would be! People would see you as an unserious and unreliable person. If you can’t determine the price what can they expect from you? And, tell me, who would buy anything from an unreliable person? You’re right – nobody!

To determine the right price of your sewing products you need to count in everything – material, equipment, time and your work. I know you are a creator, not an accountant but you have to be careful with this. Why starting a sewing business anyway if you won’t earn anything?

When you determine the final price and satisfy your needs you’ll need to think about your customers’ needs. Now think like a buyer. Think what you as a buyer would want. Customer support – sure; quick ordering and shipment; shipping costs (you should choose fast but cheap delivery company) and the way of payment. Whatever you as a buyer want, your customers do too. Keep that in mind!


The best way to show your customers how good you are at what you’re doing is to wear your own products. People like that. If you feel self-confident and happy in your own wardrobe, others will, too. If the wardrobe you make is good for you, it’ll be good for anybody.

In learning how to start a sewing business, one of the most challenging steps is marketing, especially when you don’t have a clue what marketing is. You have ideas, you can sew anything but no one knows that but you! If you expect success you’ll need to develop a good marketing strategy.  This takes some time and effort but it will pay you off eventually. In the list above you’ll find all you need to develop a fine marketing strategy to evoke your sewing business and take it to a higher level.

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