OKAYSOU AIRMIC4S air purifier review

Okaysou Airmic4s Advanced Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Air Purifier Review

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Okaysou has done it again! Does your family have people who suffer from allergies like mine? You know how hard it can get looking for an air purifier that will make everyone comfortable.

Over the years, we were lucky enough to use several air-purifying units from Okaysou that helped us get rid of the musty smell in our house. Since the unit only covers certain areas in the home, we saw it fit to get another air purifier to use in the rooms not covered.

This time around, we were looking for an air-purifying unit that would clean the air, getting rid of dust and airborne particles that cause some members of our to suffer from a variety of allergies.

Come this December, we decided to try the Okaysou Airmic4s Advanced Medical Grade H13 True HEPA Air Purifier. The unit has been getting rave reviews from some of our friends and on some online forums. We got our unit here.

It’s been five weeks now, and we have yet to regret using this unit, so what makes it so great? Let me enlighten you… For starters, the H13 True HEPA Air Purifier now features a modern design, matching today’s standards.

The unit comes with a touchscreen surface that you can use to keep tabs on things such as when the air filter is due for a change.

You can control the four different fan speed settings alternating from low, medium, and high. You can switch it back to standby mode when you don’t need to use it. By adjusting the fan speed settings to meet our demands, we can feel the difference in air quality.

Having used it around the clock the first month we bought the purifier, we were astonished that the unit never signaled for an air filter change. One thing my family loves about this purifier is how quiet it gets.

Despite the different fan speeds, it only produces a low humming sound that can’t stir a sleeping baby, I know, because we have a 7-month old that sleeps soundly even when next to the unit.

We reside in Buffalo, NY, where pollen season starts from late April to June. We can hardly wait for summer to get here to test its efficiency in keeping pollen-induced allergies at bay.

The Modern-Day True HEPA H13 Purifier

The words modern and day feature in this paragraph because this new Okaysou unit is not like we have seen before. The unit has activated carbon that sucks in smoke and odors.

For those days that you’re huddled around the dinner table enjoying a meal during the holidays, and you happen to fart, make sure the purifier is on, and regardless of how bad the fart was, it will only affect one or two people closest to you while sparing the rest!

As shameful as this is, I tested how fast and powerful the activated carbon filters are, by burning a little piece of turkey after leaving it long in the oven.

Just as the smell of burnt meat started wafting in the air, it quickly disappeared, and not one soul sitting a few feet asked if there was searing meat. Reading through the manual, I figured out that the air purifier traps in the particles in the activated carbon, it gets broken down, and purified.

More Reasons Why You Should Try The Airmic4s Medical Grade H13 Okaysou Air Purifier

Although the word medical grade is in the name of this air filtration and purifier, it’s not for medical use. You should get one and use it in a space that is not more than 400sq. ft.

We love our test drive unit because it’s portable and moves with us to whichever space we are occupying.

Because we purchased it for when we had more family around and due to the reason that some of the kids suffer from all manner of allergies, we can say that we have heard very minimal cases than what is usually the norm.

More than that, I purchased this unit thanks to its extensive 5-year warranty. I mean, after having spent less than $300 to get a portable unit that not only does its do its job, but comes with a 5-year warranty, to me, this is a steal!

Even before I discuss the low energy consumption, let’s talk about how using this unit leaves a sweet smell in the air. Since it’s designed to spray a form of deodorizer that not only cleanses the house but deep cleans the air.

Another buyer was quick to add that despite having his house smell like a skunk courtesy of his dog, once he powered on this bad baby, it only took a couple of hours for the foul odor to dissipate in the air.

Now back to the low energy consumption, the True HEPA MA-18 Unit connects to a 110-120 V AC 60 Hz and has a 35W rated power. Your power bill will only surge a bit after leaving the purifier unit on for weeks.

The modern design comes with cool ambient light integration, even if you leave the purifier on in your baby’s room, he/she will not be affected by the lighting and will sleep soundly. The light’s ambiance is calm and peaceful.

The medical-grade filters in this unit comply with HEPA standards. According to the brochure and official website, the filter system removes 99.97% of dirt passing through the filtration system.

Additional Features Worth Mentioning

Our Airmic4s Okaysou Air Purifier comes with a 360° air-intake and outlet providing maximum air purification efficiency. Once we got through the first filter (we are still using the second), the warning light started blinking and changing was a two- minute affair.

The filter we got came as a single unit that made the replacement easy. Because it’s made from lightweight materials, you can move it from one room to the next without hassle. It comes with both sleep mode and Turn OFF Time settings that you can set to your most convenient times.


Things That Pissed Us Off

Although the Okaysou Airmic4s Air Purifier is one of the best filtration filters we have invested in, it still has a few downsides. For instance, when we wanted to use it for our sitting room, which is rather large, it didn’t give us the services that we wanted.

After getting the unit, you have to run it nonstop for 24hrs to get rid of the chemical odor that emanates from removing the plastic wrap around the filter. Fortunately, the scent is not harmful to humans.

I want to conclude by saying that so far, we like this air purifier and we have learned to restrict it into smaller rooms for maximum effect. If you have the same unit and may have additional information (both positive and negative), feel free to share it with us…

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