Best sewing machine for 10 year old:This Is What You Need To Know

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Have you ever thought about how fun it is to sew? Not just fun but easy as well.

I know there are some among you who’ll say “Easy, what do you mean”, “it’s not easy”.

I’m here to show you that even a ten–year–old kid can learn how to sew. All right, probably not everything (like a coat or a silk dress – I’ll give you that) but some basic stuff – definitely.

Best starter sewing machine for kids

You have to admit that teaching your kid how to sew is one good life skill. Not only it can be entertaining, but it can also help your kid later when he or she grows up. If nothing else, you’ll be sure it’ll be able to sew his or her clothes, or to make a nice creative T-shirt.

But, not all sewing machines on the market are equally easy to work on and adjusted to children. Best starter sewing machine for kids

Some are more suitable than others!

There are some features you should pay attention to before buying a sewing machine for your child and will deal with them in a special paragraph.

Basically, you need to take care of safety, how easy it is to use a certain sewing machine and of course – the price!

There are some pretty small and handy machines on the market today that will get the job done without representing trouble for your kid.

Almost every manufacturer has at least one of these, small and handy sewing machines, that will be great for teaching your kid some basic stuff about sewing.

You can choose it with a smaller number of threads, with a lower speed (or adjustable).

Whichever you choose, it’s crucially important to present this as fun and your kid won’t have any trouble learning how to sew!

How to choose the right sewing machine for 10-year-old?

I’ve mentioned earlier several steps every parent should follow – safety, easiness, and price.

Let’s chitchat about them!

Before any shopping, especially when it comes to machines we need to mop up some important things. Since we talk about kids here, we need to be extra careful.

None of us wants their kid to get hurt. That’s why safety comes first.

If we want our kid to learn how to sew, sewing toys won’t be enough. That’s why we need the real one! How to choose the right sewing machine for 10 year old

We need a reliable machine. That’s why you should search the feet that attach in a solid way. This way you’ll avoid your kid getting hurt (he or she won’t stitch their fingers along with the material)!

Some sewing machine models include pedals, so, therefore, look for safety features to escape pinching.

There are machines that provide manual control of speed and this is great because you can set the best speed for your kid.

Embroidery machines can be a lot of fun because they provide your kid to embroider their favorite movie or cartoon actors. This will really make sewing fun and instigate them to do some more. Isn’t this what you wanted in the first place?

You don’t have to waste tons of money on a machine for your kid, especially if he or she is a beginner. Instead, investigate facts, search as much information as possible and then buy!

For example, you don’t have to buy a machine that supports a lot of different stitches. Instead, buy one with one or two. In the end, you are not buying a machine for professional use but for learning.

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Only if your kid had already learned how to sew and wants to take a step forward is when you should consider buying some more complex sewing machine.

So, to conclude, before you buy your kid a sewing machine, search out and collect all possible information and then buy. Where will you buy it, it’s up to you. You can either go to the local dealer or buy it online.

Check the machine’s performances and features and again, how safe it is. Eventually, don’t pay this machine too much if it’s not necessary because your goal is to make this fun to your kid, not to make him or her worry about some expensive sewing machine. This way none of you (your kid and you) will have to worry about anything.

Sewing is fun, teach them that and your job is halfway done!

Sewing classes for kids

Like with everything else (Math, Science and similar) you can pay sewing classes for your kid.

There are dozens of offers available online.

We all know kids simply adore computers. Instead of just playing, you can pay them some sewing lessons and make this skill learning funnier than ever.

The prices are different. You can find them for 20 dollars and higher. Almost everyone offers first class for free.

This is great because you can take several different teachers and programs and decide, together with your kid, which one suits him or her best!

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Mostly, this type of educational sites offers short – time lessons. This is great because your kid won’t feel bored and uninterested. You’ll notice that no matter classes last 25 or 30 minutes your kid is learning and improving.

Of course, there are also different types of classes available.

You can have sewing start-up classes, classes for beginners, classes of knitting, embroidering and so on.

Whatever you can think of related to sewing – you’ll find!

Most sites offer a discount if more than one kid per family is enrolled.

You’ll find all sorts of discounts, proposals, offers, and stuff, even gift certificates. This will save you some money.

You can also apply for different classes and chose the time of special offers and discounts. One more way to save some money and still help your kid to improve in learning the skills of sewing!

Search out everything you find interesting, consult with your kid and start!

Let’s see what some of the best sewing machines for beginners are!

Singer Simple 3232 Portable Sewing Machine

Singer Simple 3232 Portable Sewing machine is an automatic sewing machine. It is perfect for kids, even younger than 10.

It has 32 built-in stitches, a built-in needle threader, and a built-in one-step buttonhole.

Since it has a heavy metal duty frame, it makes sewing projects safe and fun!

One of its great characteristics is that it has pretty high sewing speed (750stitches per minute). This means that not only it’s great for learning but it can also help you to sew some bigger projects!

Thanks to high presser foot lifter your kid can easily position his or her project. This will ease the work pretty much.

Automatic needle threader helps your kid thread the eye of the needle with minimum effort!

The great thing is the automatic reverse button. You can sew in reverse and reinforce the stitching.

On this 3232 Singer Portable Machine, your kid can sew on several layers of material at the same time (but the layers need to be thin).

According to my research, people are absolutely thrilled with this sewing machine.

It’s apparently easy to use and that’s why people easily decide to buy this sewing machine for their kids.

It also comes with the most important accessories you need to start sewing.

You can set it up without anyone’s help, by just following the manual.

For start, this is a great sewing machine. But, there are some features you need to be careful about.

For example, it is highly recommendable to plug it on 110 Volts if you want it to work properly. The machine comes with the warranty, but if you don’t follow the specified conditions and you don’t take care of what you’re doing, your warranty won’t be valid.

If you come up with the problem, the best is to contact the manufacturer support team or call the local repairmen to fix your problem.

Other than that, you have nothing to worry about!

Janome 15312 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine

Here comes one sewing machine that will absolutely thrill your girls!

Easy to use, this sewing machine is made with the aluminum interior frame. It also has an automatic needle threader which makes sewing job a real piece of cake.

15 built-in stitches and 4-step buttonhole makes this machine a very serious product. It will allow your kid to learn how to sew in a serious and professional way.

To make the job easier it has front-loading bobbin system, adjustable stitch length and of course a reverse lever.

Removable feed dog system consists of 3 pieces, which allows your kid to do everything alone. Even some things as thread changing and speed regulation won’t be a problem here. This Janome 15312 Hello Kitty Sewing Machine has dual retractable spool spins and 4 presser feet!

Not only it’s the cutest sewing machine you’ve ever seen, but it’s also the machine perfect to teach your kid how to sew since it’s equipped with all beginner accessories!

It is an excellent product. It is lightweight, easy to transport and to work one.

Most people in my research said that after they’ve bought this cute machine to a daughter or a granddaughter, they’ve started using it themselves. You have a long-term warranty on this machine which shows its quality best!

I believe that your kid isn’t the only one who’ll be attracted to sewing after buying this sewing machine!

Brother Sewing Machine  XM2701

When we say “Brother Sewing Machine”, the first thing that crosses our mind is – quality.

The same is with this lightweight, portable XM2701 sewing machine.

No mistake here.

If you are not sure which sewing machine to choose for a beginner, especially if we talk about kids this can be your No. 1 choice!

It is made for everyday sewing projects and suitable not only for beginners but advanced sewers as well!

Having 27-stitch free arm and 27 unique built-in stitches makes it great for professionals.

This machine includes decorative, zigzag, blind hem and stretches stitches – great you’ll agree!

It also has 6 quick-change sewing feet.

Besides all these characteristics, which make this Brother Sewing machine incredible I have to add: a brightly lit LED working area, a jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin, and 63 stitch functions.

The greatest thing about Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine is that you don’t have to be a professional seamstress to work on this machine.

Even though it has professional characteristics, feel free to get this machine to your kid.

It will help him or her to develop all the necessary sewing skills with the possibility of becoming a professional someday.

A long warranty period guarantees quality.

This machine includes an instructional DVD, a bilingual user manual, and free technical support for the life of the product.

NEX Sewing Machine

Nex Sewing machine is a portable, lightweight machine that saves your space.

This machine is perfect for your kid because the different speed ensures the safety and that’s what we are mostly concerned about when it comes to our children!

It has a foot pedal that sews with DC 6V or battery.

This is a multi-purpose sewing machine with 12 built-in stitches patterns. This makes it perfect for home sewing projects such as crafting, quilting, altering, clothes sewing or home décor sewing. The size is 10.8 x 4.8 x 10.2 inches. Small but strong!

Different stitches can be sewn into different patterns; you can choose the stitch you want (straight line, different patterns, curve line).

It’s a neat little machine, suitable for traveling. If you go on a vacation but your kid likes sewing very much, you can take it with you.

You have a one-year warranty on this machine and always available customer support.

Advice is to always follow the instructions in the manual. This way you’ll avoid making mistakes and provide your kid a long-lasting sewing machine!

Meditool Sewing Machine

If you are looking for a nice small sewing machine for your kid, let me tell you that you can freely choose Meditool Sewing Machines!

This machine is very easy to use and according to my research, it’s one of the best for beginners.

One of the greatest things about Meditool Sewing Machine is that it’s so quiet. You won’t even notice it’s working!

It’s really easy to use since you’ll get 12 built-in stitches. Its automatic thread rewind allows sewing sleeves with easiness. This machine includes a drawer, a thread cutter. Considering all these features it’s obvious that Meditool Sewing Machine offers a wide range of sewing projects.

And not only this; it also has a built-in measuring tape and tension adjuster. Both forward and reverse sewing is possible.

The great thing for beginners is double-speed, low and high. You can adjust it to your kid’s sewing level and avoid problems. This will also help your kid’s safety because he or she won’t have to sew fast straight away!

One more super cool thing that your kid will simply adore is that you can charge your smartphone, tablet or any other device directly from this sewing machine (the built-in 5V/1A USB charging port allows this). Now, I’m absolutely sure your kid won’t have trouble learning how to sew! What do you think?

What also separates this machine from others is a light bulb for better workspace illumination. To start it, use the hand switch or foot pedal!

You can adjust stitch length and zigzag. It uses DV 9V 1A power.

This machine is a wonderful small powerhouse that will help your kid develop sewing skills with easiness and thrilling.

It really is, and numerous customers that responded to my research agree, the perfect choice for beginners. Besides this, if you are not a beginner you’ll enjoy using it!

MICHLEY LSS-505 Lil’ Sew & Sew Multi-Purpose Sewing Machine

This multi-purpose sewing machine is a small, lightweight sewing machine that will easily find its space in your house.

We talk about 8 built-in stitch pattern that allows multi-purpose sewing!

Next, with this machine, you’ll get a double thread that rewinds automatically. Then two speeds, great for kids. This double-speed thing is really important when you choose the machine for kids. Being able to work slowly the whole learning process will be no trouble but fun. And, when you know that it can also sew in reverse you can be sure that your kid will learn this easy at the low speed!

You’ll get a LED light to illuminate the working space even better.

The Michley LSS – 505 Sewing machine is great for everyday sewing projects (you can even sew sleeves).

Together with the machine, there is a guide with clearly explained possible problems and their solutions.

If, again, you are not sure about something, or have any type of question you can contact customer support!

Short informer before buying

So, you’ve decided to help your kid to learn how to sew! Here’s what to do:

  • Choose the most adequate sewing machine. There are dozens of sewing machines on the market but not all of them are suitable for kids. I’ve done research and offered you some of the best. With all these previously described machines you can sit down and relax and your kid will learn how to sew!
  • If you don’t think your help is enough, you can pay additional sewing classes. There are many available online. Most of them aren’t expensive and offer all sorts of discounts!
  • Make sure your machine is safe!
  • It doesn’t have to be a professional sewing machine, just to support some basic sewing features!
  • Don’t pay a fortune! There are many sewing machines suitable for kids that don’t cost a lot of money. Do the research, check with local dealers and then decide!
  • Don’t represent choosing the right sewing machine as a huge problem!
  • Include your kid in making the decision – who’s going to sew after all?! This way you’ll make him or her feel important and therefore more interested in sewing!

Sewing is great and it’s up to you to explain this to your kid. I’ve done my best to help you as a parent to make the right choice and know what are some most important things you need to pay attention to! My research showed that previously mentioned sewing machines are among the best for kids.

Hope I helped. Until the next time!

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