Brother CS6000i Review 2018

Free-arm sewing machines are great for sewing cuffs, hems, sleeves and other edges of the garment repairs. The problem is that computerized, free-arm sewing machines are frequently a little more expensive.

Brother has produced a lightweight machine, with free-arm capability, which is also appealingly affordable. Here is a detailed review of the Brother CS6000i sewing machine. The review includes specifications, some useful accessories, plus opinions from other CS6000i owners.

About the Brother CS6000i

Specifications and Description

  • Stitches: 60 built-in stitch patterns, including 27 specifically designed for sewing cloth.
  • Product size: 16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches (40.6 x 17 x 29 centimeters)
  • Product weight: 13 pounds (5.9 kilograms)
  • Warranty: 25-year limited warranty

Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, you will enjoy sewing with the CS6000i. There are five dozen built-in stitches, plus over two dozen dedicated to sewing all kinds of cloth fabric. You will be able to repair anything in your closet,or create new designs and accessories to match your wardrobe.

Sewing clothing is just one of the jobs the CS6000i can perform. You will also be able to make and mend linens, curtains, table clothes and even make large quilts. Both beginning and advanced quilters found the quilting features on this machine very useful.

When you combine the extension table with the walking foot, you’re able to feed thicker fabrics and multiple layers. This will let you make uniquely fancy quilts. While it is always good for inexperienced users to start out small, this sewing machine doesn’t limit what you can do.

With the decorative stitch options, you will be able to sew fancy seams on shirts, jackets, or dresses. The basting stitch is great for alterations, since you can get the right fit before you sew a final seam. The blind foot gives you a tool to sew an invisible seam when you don’t want it to show.

There are five other, interchangeable feet. You can overcast, make buttonholes, sew on zippers, plus do monogramming with the monogram foot. In addition, if you want to take a sewing class, or take your machine with you on a trip, weighing only 13 pounds it’s easy to transport.

Standard Accessories & Features

  • The reverse sewing button is a very useful feature. It allows you to reverse your stitch direction instantly. This means you can lock in your seams at the beginning and end of the stitch line, so they won’t unravel.
  • There is a quick-set bobbin drop. It is jam-resistant and accessing the bobbin thread is easy. You don’t have to have a little tool to fish out your bobbin thread.
  • On the arm of the machine, there is a convenient storage compartment for all your accessories.
  • The free-arm makes sewing along straight hems like cuffs a snap. However, it also comes off so that you can add the large extension table for large items.
  • There is a start/stop button located right on the face of the machine. You can start and stop your work without using the foot pedal.
  • Speed can be controlled with a hand dial directly under the LCD display.
  • There is a number diagram on the front of the machine to help you thread your needle easily.
  • This machine has seven different buttonhole stitches, so you can add buttons to all different weights of fabric.


The Brother CS6000i has 60, computerized built-in stitch patterns. Each stitch pattern is displayed on the LCD computer display. You can change your stitch with a press of your finger. The display also shows you how long each stitch is, and how wide. There is a convenient keyboard to pinpoint the length and width as well.

Pros and Cons of the Brother CS6000i

With the free-arm in place, you can sew a precise seam on cuffs and sleeves. However, the free-arm also removes easily, so you can work on big projects like quilts, linens and draperies.
To make working on these large items even easier, you can quickly add the extension table, a standard accessory on the CS6000i.
Changing and adjusting the stitch pattern on many machines takes a couple steps. On the CS6000i, all you need is a free finger to press a button on the LCD display. There is also a keyboard display to punch in a precise length and width for each stitch.
With 27 built-in stitches specifically designed for different types of cloth, the usefulness of the CS6000i was tremendous for repairs, alterations, or even making unique garments from scratch.
The LCD screen is actually rather small. It can be somewhat difficult to read and could have better backlighting.
There is a slight tendency for the CS6000i to jam, and the bobbin drop placement can be difficult to operate.

Opinions About the Brother CS6000i

Experienced users really liked the simple one-step button that reversed the stitch. Stitches that unravel at the beginning and end can very frustrating, but the CS6000i solves that problem. There was also a lot of positive feedback about how quickly the free-arm could be changed to the extension for bigger items.

Owners also raved about having the ability to control the speed of the machine with a dial directly on the face of the machine. Beginners loved the idea that they could get started sewing basic projects almost immediately, but with a little practice, they were quickly able to do more advanced types of sewing.

How to Thread the Brother CS6000i

We know threading may seem a little overwhelming when you’re a beginner, which is why we also included in our review a clip showing you how to do this step by step:


Small machines that have a free-arm, extension table, plus enough built-in stitch patterns to be able to sew a lot of different projects, are usually costly. The Brother CS6000i offers you every one of these useful features at a very appealing price. If you’ve used the CS6000i, let us hear what you think.

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