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16 Fabric Cutting Tools for Beginners

Cutting is an integrated part of sewing. The expert sewers can do any type of cutting only with the aid of normal scissors but a beginner feels a lot of problem in cutting during the preliminary stage of his/her sewing journey.

There are many types of sewing tools are available in the market and each type is manufactured to meet a special cutting need or to eliminate the certain cutting problem. That is why not only the beginner but also the experts like to keep several types of fabric cutting tool in their collection to speed up their sewing project.

Among so many cutting tools, our friends from Sew Kit Kit Team have picked up 16 popular fabric cutting tools that will make your sewing journey easier, quicker and enjoyable.

16 Popular Fabric Cutting Tools

  1. Shears and Scissors

Shears and scissors are two different cutting tools with great similarity and a little difference. People easily get confused with these two and do mistakes by calling both of them like scissors. To make you recognize both tools properly I have kept them together.

Well, Shear has a longer blade, around 6 inches than scissor and the shape of its two handle loop is different whereas both the handle loop of scissor is of the same shape.

Shear is stronger and more convenient to cut fabric than a scissor. It lasts longer; you will be amazed to know that my mom has a fabric cutting shear that is more than 25 years old and still it gives very good service.

A little care like sharpening the blade, oiling the pivot screw and using it to cut only fabric is enough to keep your shear in good condition for a lifetime.

On the other hand, a scissor is a very convenient tool for cutting patterns, stray threads, tapes, etc.

  1. Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are shears with zigzag teeth that helps to prevent the common problem of fraying and unraveling of the fabric.

  1. Electronic Shear

An electronic shear operates through the power of electricity. You can use it for heavy fabric or bunch pieces cutting at once.

  1. Duckbill Scissor

If you are going to do applique work, duckbill scissors will come to your great help.  The paddle-shaped blade of duckbill scissors allows you to cut very close to the applique stitches by providing a clear cutting path.

  1. Curved Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery is a very nice sewing work and a curved embroidery scissor can make your embroidery work easier.

The small curve at the tip cuts the thread and helps you to work easily on top of raised embroidery work. You can make close embroidery cuts easily using curved embroidery scissors.

  1. Double Curved Embroidery Scissors

Double Curved Embroidery Scissors are designed with a curve in the handle. Such design provides easy access to threads inside embroidery loops over the loop and under the presser foot when doing embroidery with the machine.

Since its sharp blade can easily access tight spaces it is a perfect tool to speed up your embroidery journey.

  1. Small Sharp Scissors

Many people like to use small sharp scissors for making a quilt. It lets you make small patterns easily and quickly.

  1. Spring Loaded Scissors

It is safe and easy to use scissor especially for beginners who are not skilled enough to use a scissor. You can buy it for your small girl who is learning sewing.

  1. Die Cutter

Cutting textures of different shapes with shear or simple hand scissors is quite tough. To make this task easier, the die cutter has been designed. You can cut different types of shapes with the die cutter; you just need this tool and die of your necessary shape.

  1. Buttonhole Cutter

Sewing button is a common work that we have to do often.  To sew button you need to make the small cut which is quite difficult for a beginner.

Seam reaper or scissor can also be used for cutting button but these tools sometimes cause fraying of threads or fumbling, cutting big portion than necessity and many more problems. But, if you use a buttonhole cutter your work will be easier.

This chisel-shaped tool comes sometimes with a small mat or you can also use a small piece of wood to place the fabric so that cutting becomes easier.

If you place the buttonhole cutter in the center position of the buttonhole and push t down sharply onto the fabric you can easily make a clean cut.

  1. Rotary Cutter

If you want to make a quilt do not forget to include a rotary cutter and cutting mat in your sewing toolkit box.

To make accurate cutting according to your needs for your quilt rotary cutter is one of the best cutting tools. You will also agree with me when you will know about its cutting technique.

Rotary cutter has a razor-sharp edge that cuts the fabric as it rolls over it. You never need to lift the blade to prevent the movement of your fabric.

In order to cut fabric with a rotary cutter, you have to place the fabric over a cutting mat. It comes with different sizes and I will suggest you pick up the mat of a bigger size that fits on your sewing table.  A larger cutting mat decreases the rate of fabric movement which speeds up your work and also helps to do a precise cut.

  1. Awl

An awl is a necessary fabric cutting tool that helps you to feed the gathered fabric into the needle, turning corners and making eyelet embroidery.

  1. X-Acto Knife

X- Acto knife is a wonderful cutting tool that lets you make stencils for fabric painting. Cutting big cuts is easier than cutting small cuts precisely. X-Acto knife lets you cut small cuts precisely and easily. You do not need so much expertise if you use the X-Acto knife for cutting small and complicated patterns.

  1. Notcher Machine

If your fabric is very hard it becomes tough to cut it. A Notcher machine can help you in this regard. For creating perforations and ridges Notcher machines are a wonderful and handy cutting tool.

  1. Straight Knife Cutter

This machine is like a sewing machine. You can cut straight cutting through the fabric using a straight knife cutter. It allows you to use medium to all the vertical knives.

  1. Band Knife Cutter

Band knife cutter is similar to straight knife cutter but it is a heavy-duty fabric cutter that allows you to cut corduroy, denim, foam, and tougher materials easily like cutting butter.


Before choosing a fabric cutting tool to purchase consider the major application. It will help you to pick up the right product.

Price is also an important factor to be considered. The same type of product is available at different prices. But, with the price the size, material, quality, durability vary. It is safe to purchase a branded product always.

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