Who would have thought hand sewing can be fun. Oh, yes it can, and very much. It somehow gives you the freedom to create and express your imagination in so many ways. For all of you who have doubts about this, I present you 14 benefits of hand sewing!

It’s fun

I like sewing and people often call me sewing bee. But I also like to enjoy what I do. That’s why I believe everything we do needs to come out love and make us happy.

This is a perfect way to express your creativity and show your imagination. What I particularly find fun about hand sewing is embroidery. You know how machine embroidery can be tricky. Well, it’s much easier with hand embroidery, especially if you don’t have enough machine sewing skills.

It’s fast

hand sewing benefitsImagine that you have a small unstitched seam on a T-shirt. You don’t have to turn off your machine, check needles or maybe even thread it. All you need is a hand sewing needle and a thread. Your job will be finished in no time.

With machine sewing, there are some things that are necessary to do and they take away a lot of time. For example, it’s good to always thread your machine before you start a new project. Next, you have to change bobbins. I believe you get the picture now!

It’s cheaper

Hand sewing doesn’t require that much investment. If you want to do machine sewing, you’ll first need to get a sewing machine. Then you need to have a bunch of needles since you’ll need a new one for each project, sometimes even two especially when you work with heavy materials (sewing on leather for example). Your sewing machine will need to be oiled and regularly maintained if you want it to work properly.

What do you need for hand sewing? Here’s where it gets good – a pack of needles, pack of threads and sharp scissors is all you need!

It improves social life


How does hand sewing improve my social life?

Here’s the deal – in my neighborhood there is a group of people (not only women) that gathers every Saturday evening and hand sew. Every week they go to a different house. Some make hand-sewn T-shirts, others repair their old clothes while some decorate with hand embroidery. There’s always a cup of coffee or tea and cookies and everyone is welcome. You can’t socialize this way sitting on a sewing machine. Don’t you agree?

It improves your health

How on Earth does this happen? This is crazy, but it’s working. Hand sewing relaxes us and therefore lowers our blood pressure and our heart rate. It requires the union of our body and mind. This is only possible if we feel calm and relaxed. There’s no way hand sewing will make you feel stressed and tensed. Hand sewing relaxes us

It’s great for beginners

It would be silly you’ve started learning machine sewing without knowing how to sew using your own hands. It’s much easier to learn how to sew on a sewing machine after you have overcome hand sewing skills. And it makes things more clear; when you see how your needle and a thread act in your hands it will be easier to imagine how a sewing machine works. There’s no better way to encompass machine sewing than to first learn hand sewing facts.

It improves your coordination

Hand sewing aligns the work of your hands and your brain. It requires them to work together which isn’t necessarily the case when you work on a sewing machine. This is great for kids because it helps them develop fine motor skills.

Want to know the best part? Hand sewing improves our memory and keeps our brain fresh as we’re getting older. No better way to avoid Alzheimer’s and dementia!

Suitable for delicate fabrics

We’ve talked about silk and satin. These fabrics are pretty movable and hard to work on them. That’s why I suggest hand sewing these types of materials. If you really want to sew silk on a sewing machine you’ll need to predict the behavior of the material and learn well how to do it because if you make a mistake there’s no way to repair it. And with hand sewing, the results will be better!

It preserves vintage techniques

There are things such as embroidered handkerchiefs that can’t be sewn on a sewing machine. The origin and history simply don’t allow that. In this case, hand sewing techniques are required and irreplaceable. And there’s no way someone who respects handwork won’t notice the difference.

It provides bigger freedom

Take a machine embroidery as an example. If you don’t use the right embroidery hoop, or you don’t set it the right way you’ll mess up your project. hand sewing

Or you forgot to switch the stitch. The button was there but you were simply too occupied and forgot. Or your pin just got under your needle plate since you forgot to remove it on time!

You see so many things you didn’t need to worry about with hand sewing. Wider freedom in sewing you won’t get!

It’s versatile


Most sewing machines can handle one or two types of sewing. Those that can combine more cost a lot of money and sometimes can’t even be placed in our house because they’re too big. For example, you want to sew, embroider, quilt and sew leather. There’s a small possibility you’ll find a sewing machine that can do it all. But this is where hand-sewing steps into the scene. Needles, threads and your hands are all you need. And, you can do it all!

It’s flexible

When you sew on a sewing machine you’re tied to a chair. There’s no way you can take your machine and change position all the time. Hand sewing gives you the freedom of movement. You can sew whenever and wherever you want!

It’s quiet

It’s pretty hard to find a sewing machine that doesn’t make noise. It’s not necessarily extremely loud but it’s not quiet either. That’s why hand sewing is beneficial. You can listen to nothing, just quietness, or birds singing, maybe some music you like. Either way, you choose, it will relax you and you’ll enjoy! Isn’t that what we all need?

It earns money

Besides being a nice hobby that will help you improve your health, develop extra skills and make some friends, hand sewing can bring you money. There are people who enjoy buying handmade things. They will enjoy your personal touch in every piece you sew by hand. That’s how you’ll earn money doing something you love!


If you like sewing but you’re not a big fan of machines or you believe you’re not skillful enough to sew on a sewing machine; hand sewing is a great choice. You’ll enjoy it, learn a lot and relax. After you overcome hand sewing skills you may continue with machine sewing or not. Either way, you choose, you’ll get yourself a nice hobby which can eventually bring some extra income.


hand sewing benefits

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  • Reply Charlotte Fleet January 10, 2020 at 9:06 pm

    I like how you mention that when hand stitching embroidery is more versatile than a stitching machine since it can handle more types of sewing. My mom has been considering purchasing an embroidery sewing machine but she likes a lot of different patterns. I think that she should learn how to hand stitch embroidery so she can create all the patterns she wants.

  • Reply Zoe December 15, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    I learned a lot about sewing that was really helpfull!

    • Reply Emily December 15, 2020 at 6:49 pm

      Glad you liked it! 🙂

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